Thats it. Nothing more and nothing less.

Our mission is to keep your gear in play for longer.

It all started in 2020 when I wanted to make a backpack. I dusted off my mom's home sewing machine and got to work. I learned so much during that one project and was instantly hooked on sewing. Soon after, I started making wholesale chalk bags for the local rock climbing gyms, and my small business journey began. I transitioned from making chalk bags and buckets to bike bags, then turned my focus to upcycled tote bags, where I partnered with local businesses to turn waste advertising banners into durable totes. Eventually, I acquired a few industrial sewing machines; when my rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing friends came to my apartment, they would bring their damaged outdoor gear for me to repair. That's how Murphs Outdoor Gear Repair was born.

Today, it's a one-man show around here. I'll repair anything made from fabric but specialize in repairing technical fabrics, such as 3-layer waterproof breathable shell jackets and snow pants. I have dreams of opening a storefront, but for now, I'm repairing gear out of my apartment in Amesbury, Massachusetts. If you need anything repaired, please reach out!

Some images from the origin of Murphs upcycled bags.